Cummings 2

Racing into 2020: build for the future with me

2019 has been a huge development year for me as an athlete and I know there is so much more to come. Winning a series in my first full year as a Pro was not something which came easily and in fact left me twice in the medical tent at the finish line because I pushed myself to the absolute limit! From here I want to build on that and my goal posts are set well and truly high for the next few years.

I am looking to build lasting relationships with those who want to take up the mantle and join the journey

Inspiring people to get out doors and look after themselves is key to commercial and personal success. Being a Professional Ironman Triathlete requires me to be organised, focussed and above all resilient. With brands I am currently partnered with, among other actions, I deliver training in areas such as resilience and presentation based on my own story and experiences and inspiring delegates with my continued endeavours on the Elite triathlon circuit.

I have never been one to look for the easy road. I have been a grafter and built success off my own bat. I thrive working with people who share those same values. So to be able to give myself the best shot at achieving my goals in triathlon, I am looking to continue to build great partnerships with those who support me, current and new, by giving back my time, sharing my story and creating new opportunities together with you.

If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested in exploring how we can work together then please click on the link at the top of this post to read more about me and please do get in touch.

Partner with me and let’s build a great story together for the future #shewhodares

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